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Google Maps brings terrain view back to Android for outdoorsy types


If you're hoping to get a bit more help from Google Maps on your next trek through the wilderness, you may be in luck. Version 8.1.0 appears to be on the way, thanks to a peek at the APK from the folks over at XDA Developers, and it packs a handy terrain view option in the side menu. This selection offers 3D elevation details of the landscape with mountains and more -- a useful tool for hikers, climbers and trail bikers. All told, this appears to be the major change as the app is said to hold over the existing features, aside from the addition for the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the new version isn't available for download from the Play Store just yet, but those feeling particularly adventurous can sideload the update now.

[Image credit: MyLoupe/UIG via Getty Images]

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