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iPhone 101: Quickly change camera modes in iOS 7 without accidentally snapping a photo


One of the main reasons why I love my iPhone is its outstanding camera that allows me to capture a photo at a moment's notice. As noted when iOS 7 was released last year, Apple's latest version of iOS significantly improved the camera app, providing options for panorama mode, square photos and slow-mo video on select models.

When you are shooting with the default iOS 7 camera app, you can swipe to switch between the modes to select the one you need for the moment. Most people instinctively swipe on the small bar where the modes are labeled in the iOS app. This small area can be difficult to tap especially when you are in a hurry, leading you to accidentally take a photo, choose a filter or open the thumbnail view.

iOS Camera app

There is an easier way to switch between modes -- instead of swiping on the labels, swipe anywhere on the screen. Swiping anywhere on the screen will cycle you through the modes. If you are lazy with your swipe, you may accidentally activate focus, but if you are prompt, you will be able to select your photo mode in just a few seconds.

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