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Quantum Break leaps to 2015, major showing at Gamescom


Remedy Entertainment slapped a 2015 window on Quantum Break today, and it's planning to showcase the Xbox One game at Gamescom rather than E3. In a teaser video, Creative Director Sam Lake said the studio will present the shooter's time-manipulation gameplay for the first time at the Euro convention in August.

Quantum Break's plot focuses on time, with themes of time travel and the threat of the very fabric of time breaking down. That story will be told both across a video game and a live-action TV series, and Lake says we can expect to plenty of crossover between the two.

"There are a number of ways in which the game and the show interact," Lake told us last year. "That said, it's worth mentioning that we're not creating a 'choose your own adventure' where, very easily, one tight story gets watered down to many weaker ones. For us, this is much more 'one powerful story told many ways, based on your actions."
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