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Report: Oculus partnering with Samsung for phone-compatible VR device

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Virtual reality company Oculus sure has been palling around with some high-profile outfits lately. First there was the company's acquisition by Facebook, and now, according to a report by our friends over at Engadget, Oculus is schmoozing it up with Samsung to develop another virtual reality headset. The kicker is, this one will supposedly use your phone.

Citing sources "close to both companies," Engadget has posted a slew of details regarding the unannounced device. Allegedly, the device will connect to your phone via an existing port, and turn your phone's screen into the virtual space your eyes see. Engadget reports that the current version of the headset features buttons familiar to Android users - Home, Back, Recent Apps - and also has a built-in accelerometer. Engadget created the mock-up you see above, if you want an idea of what the device might look like.

While Oculus' Rift headset is a VR device primarily made for PC gaming, Engadget expects Samsung to tout this device as a media experience as well. Ever watch Netflix on your phone? Well, what if you could watch Netflix on your phone on your face?

Since this device is still unofficial, there's unfortunately nothing by way of release dates or prices to be found. Still, if Oculus is partnering with Samsung, that's quite the powerful company to keep. And here we were, just reminiscing about the days when Oculus first took to Kickstarter. They grow up so fast!
[Image: Engadget/Daniel Cooper]

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