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Giana Sisters vs. Super Meat Boy rated in Germany [Update]

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Most of the time, game announcements come via press releases and press conferences. Every now and then however, an unannounced game is spotted in the wild, untamed forests of trademark offices and rating boards. Siliconera spotted what could be such a creature this week via Germany's rating board, and its name is Giana Sisters vs. Super Meat Boy (or feminus gianicus meat-boyicus in science-speak).

While a Super Meat Boy / Giana Sisters crossover has yet to be officially announced, the rating board has a fair amount of information attached to its rating; the listing claims that Giana Sisters vs. Super Meat Boy will be a PC title, published by Headup Games. We've provided a screenshot above, but you can see the listing for yourself by checking out the board's website and searching "Giana Sisters vs. Super Meat Boy."

Super Meat Boy and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams are both independently-developed 2D platformers, so a team-up isn't exactly out of the question. Still, it's an ... unexpected team-up to say the least.
[Image: USK]

Update: Rather than an entirely new game, as reader "spunior" pointed out, it could also just be a bundle of both franchises under a new SKU, hence the new rating. lists the product as "Clash of Games: Giana Sisters vs. Super Meat Boy," with a release date of June 26 - so either way, we probably won't have to wait long before things become official.

Update 2: Yup, it's a collection. A press release from Headup Games confirms that Giana Sisters vs. Super Meat Boy is not, in fact, a new game, but a bundle of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and Super Meat Boy. It will be available in Germany on June 26.

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