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Fenix Rage brings Hellboy, SWAT Kats-inspired art to PS4

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Costa Rican development house Green Lava Studios is ready to make their debut on PS4, with a hardcore 2D platformer called Fenix Rage. In an announcement post on the PlayStation blog, Green Lava CEO Eduardo Ramirez name-dropped Sonic The Hedgehog, Hellboy, and SWAT Kats as major sources of inspiration.

"We were - and still are - big fans of Sonic The Hedgehog, and that influence is seen with Fenix's dashing attack as well as some of his animations when near an edge of a platform," Ramirez wrote. As for Hellboy and SWAT Kats, those franchises contributed to the game's art direction, which is full of bright colors and sharp, heavy shading.

(Sidenote: Omigosh you guys, do you remember SWAT Kats?! They were the radical squadron!! *plays air guitar of the SWAT Kats theme/themes* ... Ahem.)

As the first game on PS4 from a Costa Rican developer, Fenix Rage is also a source of pride for Ramirez. "Our country doesn't boast many well-known game developers so our team here feels a little bit of national pride," he wrote. "Well ... a little lucky, too." The game is expected to reach PS4 this fall.
[Image: Green Lava Studios]

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