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Marvel Heroes celebrates Mac open beta, releases Surtur trailer

Shawn Schuster

Marvel Heroes is celebrating the upcoming Mac open beta with two new content packs: the Mini and Pro Pack.

The Mini Pack includes four heroes, eight costumes, five iBoosts, and four of each Fortune Card. The Pro Pack includes eight heroes, exclusive Iron Man Armor, 21 costumes, two team-ups, 15 iBoosts, pet mini Dragon Man, six of each Fortune Card, the Mac Pro Founder forum title, and Iron Man Guardians of the Galaxy White Variant avatar.

These packs will be available to both PC and Mac players. The advance and exclusive content will be available at a later unannounced date. Gazillion says that the Mac open beta is coming "very soon." Gazillion has also launched a new Surtur trailer that previews content coming later this month! View it after the break.

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