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ASUS' Transformer Book Flip has a 360-degree rotatable screen, realistic pricing


Lenovo's Yoga series has a lot of fans -- and we just mean within the PC-making fraternity. ASUS might have initially bested the Yoga with its dual-screened convertible laptop, but two screens meant weaker battery life and well, it was expensive too. The Transformer Book Flip, then, also offers four different use cases: completely flat like a tablet, a house of cards style prop-up structure, a media-viewing mode with the keyboard down, and good-ole laptop mode. The notable thing here is that the Transformer Book Flip will arrive with similar pricing to ASUS' middleweight to entry-level Vivobook series. (We managed to get UK pricing: the Flip starts at £449 for the 13.3-inch Core i3 model, with the top-of-the-range 15.6-inch Core i7 is priced at £699. Once we get some US prices, we'll update this article.)

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Screen resolutions go up to 1,900 x 1,080, and while there'll apparently be cheaper 720p models in both 15.6- and 13-inch sizes. we'd advise sticking to the higher resolution models if you can afford to. The build quality feels a lot like the middleweight laptops that ASUS has shown in years past, although there's a classy brushed aluminum effect to the top of the laptop. Both sizes will launch in Europe and Asia at the end of June, although we're sure ASUS will want to capitalize on back-to-school/college sales in the US as well.

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