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    D-Day Hour by Hour for iPad

    Mel Martin

    With the 70th Anniversary of D-Day approaching on June 6, we are seeing some interesting apps that commemorate Western Europe's liberation from Nazi troops.

    A case in point is D-Day Hour by Hour, a US$4.99 app that lets you explore maps, articles, audio interviews and newsreel videos. The iPad app features a timeline at the bottom, and as you slide it you will see positions of allied and Nazi troops change, and get featured content that also covers the run-up to the D-Day invasion and historical facts about the aftermath.

    The app is easy to use, and really doesn't require any instructions. The maps are very attractive, and the overview of the D-Day locale makes the events of that historic day come into sharp focus. I appreciate the fact that the content is balanced, with quite a bit about what was going on behind the German lines as well as on the Allied side.

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    It is hard to fault this well-executed app. There is plenty of in-depth material here, and time spent studying the text and media would be welcome for any history buff.

    D-Day Hour by Hour is an iPad-only app. It requires iOS 7 or later, and it's a 174 MB download due to the included media files.

    Related apps include Great Battles ($0.99), which features a D-Day history, and D-Day Complete Broadcasts ($1.99) which features the complete radio broadcasts from Normandy during the invasion.

    D-Day Hour by Hour is very worthwhile and I recommend it for students of one of the Worlds great battles.

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