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Fans grab development reins on Natural Selection 2


Unknown Worlds Entertainment has decided to pull its developers from cult-hit, team-based shooter Natural Selection 2, though instead of ending the game's lifespan the studio is handing development duties to a group of dedicated fans.

WasabiOne, co-leader of the newly-founded fan development team, revealed this news via the Natural Selection 2 forums. While introducing his new team of amateur game developers, WasabiOne also outlines how his teams' plans for Natural Selection 2 differ from Unknown Worlds Entertainment. According to the nascent development lead, work on Natural Selection 2 will henceforth be more visible to the public, and the dev team is introducing a program which recognizes those community members who root out particularly egregious bugs or design especially awesome maps.

Though WasabiOne is confident in his team's abilities, he remains realistic about its new task. "There is potential for greatness, but we will have many hurdles to overcome along the way," he states. "While these things take time to implement and grow, we plan on being very open with what we are actively working on."
[Image: Unknown Worlds Entertainment]

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