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What do you want Apple to announce today?


WWDC is looming over our heads, ready to pounce later today, and there's no shortage of predictions floating around the web. It seems like a given that we'll get our first clear look at iOS 8 and the next OS X, but beyond that, it's a bit of a tossup.

Announcing new hardware at WWDC isn't a well established habit for the company, though they've done it on occasion in recent years. Both the iPhone 4 and Mac Pro made their first official public appearances at the annual conference, so a device debut certainly isn't out of the question.

If Apple is indeed hard at work on a wrist-worn wearable, a larger iPad, or any other top-secret gadget, the company's trending of holding special events for especially big product reveals suggests they'd save those for a later date. Of course, Apple isn't usually in the business of dropping $3 billion on an acquisition either, so there's an hint of unpredictability in the air already.

I put the question to you: What do you most want to see from Apple today?


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