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Leaderboards, cross-buy skate toward OlliOlli in coming weeks


Developer roll7 has announced three major additions to its skateboarding, platforming hit OlliOlli, each of which should be arriving very soon.

First up is a patch to fix a lingering crash bug. According to roll7, the patch has been submitted to Sony's quality assurance team, and if it passes their testing, the patch should be available by June 20. Next, roll7 unveils a second patch it also hopes to release by the end of June. This one adds support for online leaderboards to the game, making it that much easier to demonstrate to your friends that you're two-dimensional second coming of Tony Hawk.

Finally, roll7 reveals that OlliOlli will receive cross-buy and cross-save functionality when it arrives on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this July. The Vita incarnation of OlliOlli debuted in January, but even those who purchased the game at launch will be granted the freedom to download its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 counterparts once they come available at no additional charge.
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