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AirPlay on iOS 8 doesn't need a network to stream your media


Right now, Apple's AirPlay media streaming requires an established WiFi network to fly. That's fine when you're at home, but do you really want to ask for a friend's hotspot password just to show vacation photos on their Apple TV? Mercifully, iOS 8 will let you skip that hassle. One of the many under the radar upgrades to the software is peer-to-peer AirPlay support -- you can now share content to an AirPlay-capable device as long as you can make a direct connection.

The basic concept is old hat, as you might suspect. DLNA has done this for a while, and third-party apps on various platforms can pull this off. All the same, the improved AirPlay technology should be handy both for media-savvy socialites as well as presenters who aren't always guaranteed network access in the meeting room.

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