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Razer Junglecat gives your iPhone a slide-out gamepad

S. Prell, @SamPrell

A new peripheral from Razer designed for Apple's iPhone 5 and 5S models will give customers a slide-out gamepad, complete with triggers, face buttons and a D-pad. The Junglecat - we assume so named because it folds in on itself and helps you play video games ... you know, like a cat - already works with dozens of iOS games, and users can store up to 20 personalized profiles that adjust sensitivity and button mappings.

The Junglecat clamps around your iPhone 5 or 5S and plugs into the smartphone's Lightning port. From there, you can slide the gamepad down when playing games, or leave it tucked behind the phone when not in use. If you remember the ill-fated Xperia Play or the PSP Go, it's sort of like that.

The Junglecat is set to make its debut in July, and will cost $100. You can sign up to be notified when orders are live via the Razer store.
[Image: Razer]

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