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Angry Birds Stella debuts in September, is familiar, pinker


The first screen of the Angry Birds Stella spin-off series doesn't reinvent the wheel, but simply gives it a touch-up. Clearly Rovio's looking to attract a certain audience with "feisty" new heroine Stella and her "fierce" friends when the first game hits in September. On the other hand, it's not like it's overflowing with tiny dogs in handbags.

"The Stella story will engage and entertain everyone," said Rovio. "It's about courage, fun and daring to be you, with a spirit of female heroism and friendship. Each character is unique and powerful in their own way but together they cause even more mischief, take adventures to new heights and prove that true friends are there for each other through every battle."

IRovio also adds the game will prove a challenge for even the "most hardened" Angry Birds players. There's no news yet on other Stella entries, but a new 13-episode cartoon series is confirmed for ToonsTV and other services in November. Also expect books, the Skylanders-like Telepods accessories, and miniature Stellas in handbags by the end of the year.

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