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Around Azeroth: A lady of leisure


"You remember the picture I sent in of the goblin and his luxurious bath on the speed barge in Thousand Needles?" writes submitter Arugadh of The Brotherhood of Iron on Wyrmrest Accord (US-A). "I probably should have sent this pic in with it: the other side of the room. A goblin, with an oil painting of a naked human woman (well, as naked as it gets in Azeroth, anyway). Not a goblin woman -- a human woman. And you can tell it's an OLD oil painting from all the age cracks running through it. So -- keep this in mind -- when Deathwing wreaked his havoc in Cataclysm, there was no warning of the disaster ... yet in the rush to get away and survive, this goblin decided that the nekkid-human-woman was his most precious possession that he had to flee with. My mind shuts down on why he also saved his blue floaty-horse and a bucket of unidentifiable tools. I mean, I play on Wyrmrest Accord, not Moon Guard." Poor Moon Guard, always the victim of cheap shots in this column.

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