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Move aside Yahoo, iOS 8 weather data to be supplied by The Weather Channel


Weather heads take note: Weather data in iOS 8 will no longer be powered by Yahoo but by The Weather Channel. This can't be an encouraging sign for Yahoo, which remains intent on deepening its partnership with Apple. You might recall some unsubstantiated rumblings that Yahoo was hoping to convince Apple to make its own search engine the default on iOS.

Now to be clear, Yahoo actually relies upon The Weather Channel for its weather data, but as MacRumors points out, what each entity does with said data can differ completely.

While the source of the data Apple uses is ultimately the same, there are differences in the underlying technology supporting the weather data between the two services. Because of that, the data presented to the end user may be slightly different even though Yahoo also obtained its data from TWC.

Also worth noting is that the revamped weather app in iOS 8 now provides a weather forecast for nine days as opposed to five.

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