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Oculus picks up Jason Holtman, a 'driving force' behind Steam

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The Valve employees go marching one-by-one, hurrah, hurrah. Oculus has tapped another ex-Valve employee to help develop their virtual reality technology; this time, it's Jason Holtman, who previously served as Valve's chief of business development. Oculus credits Holtman as a "driving force" behind the creation of Steam.

"Jason will be spearheading the business development and partnership side of the Oculus platform working closely with Marshall, head of platform engineering, and David, head of worldwide publishing, with a focus on building the world's best developer and player VR ecosystem," Oculus said. "We're thrilled to welcome him to the team."

Oculus isn't done yet, though. The company is still hiring, with more than a dozen open positions. Think you're qualified? Who knows, the next name we write about could be yours.
[Image: Oculus]

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