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Skara: The Blade Remains looks to fund a 2014 release


Skara: The Blade Remains is building momentum to fully fund the title for a 2014 launch. The crossbreed of RPG and MOBA is now on Kickstarter, looking to raise $35,000 by July 4.

The game is already mostly done and will hit Steam Early Access next month, but 8-Bit Studios' CEO says that this will ensure an even better end product. "We already have a game to offer, but our vision for Skara: The Blade Remains is so much bigger. That's why we are doing a Kickstarter that will offer our backers great rewards if they join us for the wild ride that is game development," said Pablo Rodriguez.

We've got the new trailer for Skara after the break in case you're looking for some persuasion before dropping money on the game.

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