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The Queue: In case of emergency, release the kraken

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Not going to lie, I kind of want to see Godzilla go toe to toe with the Kraken now. Godzilla would win, of course. He'd beat the Kraken, the Jagers and Kaiju from Pacific Rim, Smaug, the whole Avengers (you think I'm kidding, but Godzilla fought the Avengers before) it don't matter. Godzilla wins. How do I know this? Because I'm a nerd arguing something completely unimportant on the internet, that's how I know.

Anyway, today's Kaiju Battle Queue brought to you by questions.

Chrth says:
It's almost like Gandalf is a wizard or something.

Godzilla could still totally beat Gandalf.

NicoSinatraGrindley asks:
BLINGTRON! So if i had 5 Blingtrons lined up in a row, i pick one at random and get a present... in that said present i get oil.. 14 copper worth and a thermal anvil. rewind a minute or so.. i pick a different Blingtron get a present, would i still get the same ? are all Blingtron rewards linked for the day to my character or would there be a chance for a different item in the present ?

It's a daily quest. You'd get the same daily quest no matter which Blingtron you picked. And Godzilla could totally take Blingtron, btw.

RustinMeek asks:
Why does my hunter pet die so easily in raids? I don't remember having this problem a couple weeks ago.

I'm a MM hunter and I've been using a raptor so it shouldn't be stealing agro, but my pets literally die like every 20 seconds during raids. Can someone tell me why?

You say it shouldn't be stealing aggro - is it? Speaking as a dude who forgets to turn Growl off in dungeons, if it's getting aggro it's probably using Growl. If it's not, then I'm not sure - I know hunter pets are supposed to ignore most AoE stuff because it would make them a nightmare to use otherwise. But I'd bet Growl is the most likely culprit.

Have you seen Godzilla at any point during these raids? He may be killing your pet.

Zadji asks:
I know this has likely been answered numerous times, but in WoD, the Lich King will not exist because Kil'jaedin never killed Ner'zhul and turned him into Plaguey McPlaguerson, correct?

The Lich King will still exist, because our Ner'zhul, the one from the Draenor that is part of our history, still got shoved into a giant ice cube by Kil'jaeden.

However, on the Draenor created by Kairoz and Garrosh's meddling, there will be another Ner'zhul, who never got the ice cube treatment from Kil'jaeden. It's like how in the J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies, Vulcan gets blown up, but in the TV series it was still there in the Next Generation time because it's a different timeline, split off at the moment Nero traveled back.

So it seems likely that, at some 6.X patch, Ner'zhul of WoD learns what happened with his alternate reality self in our current Azeroth. There could be some interesting character development with him as he digests that news and thinks back on the actions that brought him to the present (WoD present).

That's not likely at all, actually, for the following reasons.

  1. Almost nobody knows that Ner'zhul was the Lich King. Seriously, it's not common knowledge. Thrall doesn't know. Garrosh doesn't know. It's simply not something people go around discussing. The Lich King himself didn't tell people because he didn't care. So there's no one to tell Ner'zhul about it.
  2. Even if someone who did know (and I'll be honest, I can't think of anyone still up and kicking who would - Arthas, Anub'arak and Kel'Thuzad are all dead) decided to tell him, it's entirely possible the Ner'zhul from this Draenor would have absolutely no idea what they were talking about.
  3. Godzilla could still totally take the Lich King.

JeffLaBowski asks:
Do you think Blizzard would ever do a zone with permanent weather effects? Storm Peaks seems like a good zone for it. Gineas seems like it's permanently dark and grey. Permanent fog might be too annoying but rain or snow would be cool. Blasted Lands has pretty consistent lightning and thunder and that just adds to the charm I think.

I don't know, but it could be an interesting way to set off a zone. We know Shadowmoon Valley is going to be perpertually in a night-time phase, so the potential is there. I wouldn't mind a constant thunderstorm zone, but only if it suited the mood. Having constant weather just to have constant weather would bug me fast.

Godzilla would probably not like getting constantly rained on. He could totally take it, though.

HemttTanker asks:
I know the naga can never be a playable race due to the issue of them not being able to wear pants, but if they did pick a side, would it be Horde or Alliance?

Blizz could totally get around the leg issue. Furthermore, they could totally get around the lore and put them in whatever faction suited them. Here's how -- imagine playable naga start in a zone under the ocean, a place called Rattlefin Grotto, and you as a young naga leveling through the zone you meet a sunken Alliance/Horde vessel and its crew. At first they're hostile to you and you them, but you work together to escape a dangerous shark monster and in so doing you realize your people are basically shackled in slavery to Azshara and through her, the Old Gods. So you start a revolt, gather your friends and allies, and manage to liberate the Grotto. But the Grotto elders know you can't stand against Azshara's retribution without help, and so they send you to the surface alongside your new Horde/Alliance allies to rally support. Vol'jin/Varian agrees to aid your people in exchange for them joining the Horde/Alliance. Boom. Done. Playable naga in whatever faction you want.

As for which faction the main body of naga would join... neither. Azshara works for the Old Gods, and has her own plans to boot. Naga don't care for petty mortal squabbles, and the idea of joining with either their hated night elf cousins or the degraded blood elf mongrels wouldn't appeal to these former Highborne.

Azshara would totally cuddle up on Godzilla, though. She loves giant world destroying monsters, and she's way too smart to get in his way.

And that's the Queue for today. See y'all Friday. This ended up being way more about Godzilla than the Kraken. Sorry, Krakie. I guess I have to release you.
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