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Finally! Third party apps on iOS 8 can load websites as fast as mobile Safari


If you've ever had the displeasure of attempting to bring up a website from within third party apps like Facebook or Twitter, you've undoubtedly noticed that pages often load markedly slower than they do on mobile Safari.

The reason for this is that Apple hampered the ability of third party apps to leverage the Nitro JavaScript engine that powers its own Safari app. Thankfully, that hindrance -- which some speculate was initially enacted due to security concerns -- will now be nothing more than a relic once iOS 8 is released.

Re/Code reports:

With iOS 8, though, developers will have access to Apple's fastest Javascript and other improved browsing methods as long as they use Apple's latest WebKit programming interface.

That could be a big deal for both rival browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Dolphin as well as for other apps that display lots of Web links, such as Twitter and Facebook.

This can't come soon enough.

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