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Goodbye despair, hello class of Danganronpa 2


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair arrives hot on the blood-soaked heels of the original, and the Vita game is locked in for North America on September 2 and Europe three days later. Pre-orders for the limited edition are now open stateside, with the $60 box chucking in a soundtrack, art book, sunglasses and other Dangdan-doodads.

Like the first entry released in February, Danganronpa 2 pits you and your classmates in a twisted game orchestrated by a ever-so-slightly unstable bear called Monokuma. The Danganronpa series adds a Ace Attorney-like trial system to Spike Chunsoft's murderous formula, albeit one that's just as chaotic in its own way.

Danganronpa 2 takes the series away from Hope's Peak Academy to Jabberwock Island, an exotic former tourist resort and the new home of a school trip gone wrong. Maybe the first mistake was inviting Monokuma along, even if he did bring a ukulele.
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