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Hitman Go dev locks and loads Hitman: Sniper


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Square Enix Montreal announced a new game based on the Hitman series for mobile devices today, Hitman: Sniper. As with the developer's recent approach to mobile in Hitman Go, Sniper is "tailor-built for touch screen devices." It plans to show off the game on undisclosed smartphones and tablets at E3 next week.

Hitman: Sniper is a "massively competitive sniping game that will focus on the subtlety of execution," according to the developer. Players will complete contracts that include any number of assignments and targets, each expected to be worth replaying multiple times to topple other players' scores on leaderboards. Square Enix Montreal drew comparisons to IO Interactive's Hitman: Sniper Challenge, which launched ahead of Hitman: Absolution, and that those familiar with the stand-alone game will "have a pretty good idea of the sort of action you can expect" from Hitman: Sniper.

When the developer announced Hitman Go in February, it noted that it was working on "something else" that fit "perfectly within the Hitman fantasy." The sniping game sure seems to fit that bill, and will launch "later this year" for free with optional in-app purchases. Square Enix Montreal just began offering Hitman Go on Android devices yesterday and is "working hard on the next set of levels" for the game.
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