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Hohokum squiggles out across PlayStations in August


IGF finalist Hohokum wiggles into its promised summer window, launching on PS4, PS3 and Vita on August 12 in North America and the day after in Europe. In the words of co-creator Richard Hogg, "you can say that it's colorful, you can say that it's exploratory, you can say that it has a creative, informative element to it. I think you need to see it, though."

In a new video, Frobisher Says dev Honeyslug says its new game originally featured a man as the player character. Indeed, he's shown leading procession of creatures behind him in what looks like a far more typical platformer than the real deal. Instead, Honeyslug went with a weaving, flying technicolor worm, and his freedom of movement seems to epitomize the studio's ambitions for the game.

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"People ask what are my objectives [in the game]," Hogg says. "I find that so telling that that's a thing that's okay to ask almost, that it's kind of normal in a video game that you have objectives. When I read a book I don't think what are my objectives. I think 'I'm going to go wherever this writer's taking me.' If I don't like it, I'll stop reading."

Expanding that thought on Hohokum's vibe, co-creator Ricky Haggett adds, "Rather than, 'Oh, now I have to absorb all this information about what I'm supposed to be doing and figure out how to do it well,' it's just like 'Yeah, just don't worry about it, chill out."

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