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Outline Mode added to targeting and mouseover in Warlords

Alex Ziebart

The Warlords of Draenor alpha has implemented Outline Mode, which you can see in action in the screenshot above. Characters you target or mouse over are now given a glowing highlight. Friendly players or NPCs glow green, aggressive characters or NPCs glow red, neutral NPCs glow yellow, and characters that are not flagged for PVP glow blue. Quest items are given a yellow glow from afar, regardless of whether you've moused over them or not, making them far easier to find. The outline is initially quite bright, but fades to a softer color shortly after.

While not a necessary addition, it does help make your target stand out from a crowd or from a busy background. Outline Mode also provides at-a-glance information about whether your target is friend or foe, eliminating the need to first look at a nameplate. Seeing it action makes me wonder if it would be viable to play entirely without a UI when there isn't text in need of being read. It also works from a distance, highlighting targets that might be very far away, and thus very small on your screen. I could see that being a boon to players with poor vision. That was not a pun.

If you aren't a fan of Outline Mode, it can be disabled in your system settings or changed to a mode wherein only quest NPCs are highlighted.

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