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Gravity Crash Ultra collides with Vita in July

There's a lot of (laser?) bullets packed into the ships of Gravity Crush Ultra, but developer Just Add Water expects to find space for all of them on the Vita by July. Serving as a beefed-up upgrade from the PS3 version that arrived in 2011, Ultra will blast apart foes at 60 fps with tweaked lighting and visual effects.

JAW says that aside from boosts to visuals, a third playable ship debuts in Ultra, which allows for a total of three difficulty levels. The soundtrack has also been remixed, with minor tweaks cleaning up the menus and making mission notifications easier to keep track of. The original release's support for editing and sharing levels returns, in case you deplete Ultra's supply of winding, enemy-filled tunnels before you tire of blowing things to bits.
[Image: Just Add Water]

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