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Breakfast Topic: Do you wish you were in the alpha?

While I'm devouring Warlords of Draenor alpha information like everyone else, I have to admit: I'm glad I'm not in the alpha test myself. Though I want to see what's coming up next and check out garrisons and everything else, I'm not too keen on dumping hours into a early alpha build only to have to play the same content again after the alpha (and then beta) client is reset and again when the game is officially released. The first time you play through is always fun, but after that content tends to start losing its charm as novelty slowly fades to tedium, like it does when you're running your second and then your third character to max level.

Some players -- and I'm sure some of the people reading this -- have the kind of patience to play the same content and keep finding it fun, but I'm afraid I'm just not one of them. But what about you, readers? Are you itching to get into the alpha to try it out for yourself? Or are you content to sit on the sidelines and see what happens until launch day?

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