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Oculus Rift-compatible Control VR gloves put the whole (virtual) world in your hands

S. Prell, @SamPrell

How would you like to do your computer work on a futuristic, hologram-style interface while sitting on the Iron Throne, which also happens to be on Mars? Well, you could luck out and use a genie's three wishes, or you could use Control VR, which features just such an image in its promotional materials. Control VR is an Oculus Rift-compataible apparatus designed to give users a more precise level of interaction with their virtual reality.

Consisting of a chest harness, two gloves, and sensors which wrap around the forearm and bicep, Control VR is touted on its Kickstarter page as a versatile tool for virtual reality interaction. While the applications for gaming should be obvious - imagine seeing your hands accurately represented in-game as they hold a gun or cast a spell, for example - the team behind Control VR also proposes it for other uses, such as cheap and easy motion capture for animators and navigating computer interfaces with your hands, Minority Report-style.

Backing the project at $350 will net you a harness and controls for one arm, while pledging $600 will grant you a harness and controls for both arms. The Control VR team is seeking $250,000 to get the project's feet (hands?) off the ground; as of writing, they have raised approximately $200,000, with 27 days left in the campaign.
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