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PS4 residents to have a monster problem in Night in the Woods


Small towns can get pretty boring, but idle youths usually kick up some pretty good urban legends with an abundance of free time. There's a rumor that something mysterious is lurking in the woods near Possum Springs, and Night In the Woods developer Infinite Fall has spread word that PS4 owners will get a chance to investigate whatever's prowling out there.

Possum Springs is more than just a fittingly podunk name – the withering mining town is populated by animals, including Mae, a college dropout that serves as Night In the Woods' less-than-bubbly protagonist. Infinite Falls describes Mae's return to Possum Springs as an exploration-oriented tale, one that focuses on how areas change with the flow of time whether one's around to witness it or not. Of course, there's also the question of what's lurking in the woods, a threat that "might mean an end" to Possum Springs if it turns out to be more than a good campfire story.

In response to a question left on the PlayStation Blog post, Infinite Fall's Scott Benson said that Infinite Falls would "ideally like to release [Night In The Woods] in the fall," but obviously ideal scenarios don't always become reality.
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