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Sunday Morning Funnies: I'm a tree

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Someone has trust issues. A badass comes through. There's a little shapeshifting going on. Plus: A blue doggy!

In comic news this week, we have a new addition to the list, thanks to a tip from TimothyNemecek. It's fairly new and it's called My Name Is Nyhm. Although it is not always WoW-related, it is often applicable to MMO players in general. Plus, I don't know if you remember Nyhm, but if you do, and were a fan, you should definitely check it out. This week, I've put it at the top of the list, and linked all relevant comics. However, you might prefer to simply start at the beginning.

If you missed us last week, you will want to make sure to check out Rug's guest comic on Gnomeregan Forever, in which she goes shopping. And you'll be happy to hear that this week, Rug has done up another guest edition! I'm definitely thinking that Trig is on to something: Rug needs her own comic.

Also on the list this week is the continuation of World of Hearthcraft (on NPC) and more murder mystery from Gratz. Plus, several of the comics that were missing last week have updated, although Chat Channeling is absent.

As always, we are accepting tips for comics to add to the list. The comics can be new or well established, done by professional artists or hobbyists new to the field. They must be WoW-related, inspired by WoW, or about MMOs in general. If you have a tip, you can leave a comment below, or email me directly, using

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