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Instagram for iOS adds extensive new editing tools


Whether you use it to tirelessly document your meals or make your friends jealous of your vacations, Instagram is probably the go-to app for photo sharing. Thanks to its latest update, your photos will look better than ever, even if you can't stage a decent shot.

Previously Instagram featured a small number of filters and a limited amount of post-filter effects like blurring, borders, and straightening. Now all of the app's editing features are getting an upgrade. When you access one of the app's standard filters now, simply double tap on the filter's icon to adjust the strength of the filter effects. This is a major change from the app's previous "one tone fits all" approach to filtering.

Next up, there are ten new tools for improving the look of your photos that can be used with or without the filters. These new tools are accessed by clicking a new wrench icon that appears in the top right of the filtering menus. Warmth and Saturation controls will help you keep the colors in your photos rich, while adjusting lights and darks in your images has never been easier thanks to Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows. The final new tool is a much needed Sharpen option.

You can find the new and improved Instagram right now in the iOS store.

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