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The "smart garden" of the future is on the way, thanks to your iPhone


If it seems like everything is connected to your iPhone these days, that's because it is. Well, almost everything. A company called Edyn is ready to connect it to one more thing: your garden. The company has successfully funded its first Kickstarter campaign for the Edyn garden system, a super smart collection of gadgets that can tell you everything you need to know about where your precious plants call home.

It starts with the Edyn garden sensor. Once you stick the sensor into your garden soil it begins tracking all kinds of important metrics such as moisture levels, the fertility of the soil, temperature, and sunlight exposure. Using the Edyn app for your iOS device, the system compares the readings from your garden with data about your location to give you a better understanding of how your garden should be performing. It can suggest types of plants that will thrive in your specific garden and even tell you what types of fertilizer are going to work the best for you.

edyn garden system

The Edyn garden valve is the next piece of the system, and it works with the app to devise the perfect watering regimen for your plants. It takes readings from the Edyn garden sensor into account and decides when to water your garden. It's all automated, and it will automatically shower your plants whenever they need it.

It all seems very slick, and if it works as advertised it could be an invaluable tool for anyone without a particularly green thumb. With a month left of funding, the Edyn system has already blasted past its original Kickstarter goal, so if you're interested in soil intelligence, you can hop on the crowd funding train right now.

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