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1Password for Android can now be your only account manager


For the longest time, AgileBits' 1Password for Android was just a pale shadow of its desktop and iOS counterparts. Besides the ancient interface, you couldn't add anything -- if you signed up for a service, you had to turn on another device just to put the new account behind 1Password's secure walls. As of today, though, the app has caught up. The redesigned 1Password 4 for Android has both a modern interface and true independence; you can add passwords, credit cards and other sensitive info without touching any other hardware. Data syncs like it does on other platforms (including to folders, if you dislike the cloud), and there's a built-in browser if you want to log in as quickly as possible.

AgileBits wants to spur adoption, so it's making the Android version completely free to use from now through August 1st. After that, it'll switch to a read-only mode for free users. The company hasn't yet determined how much it will cost to unlock full access, although it wouldn't be surprising if the price comes close to the $18 of the iOS version.

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