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Google's street art project includes over 5,000 images of murals (and graffiti, too)


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There's a joke here about Google owning everything ("all your art are belong to me"?) but if you're the sort of person who enjoys looking at interesting graffiti, you might appreciate this anyway. The company just announced that it's added a collection of street art to its existing art database, which originally included only 100-some-odd examples of street work. Now that number has grown to more than 5,000, with images that include murals and etchings (like the one by Vhils above), in addition to your usual graffiti. If that sounds like little more than a well-organized group of Google image search results, you can also use Street View to explore buildings that have been tagged -- even some that have been demolished or are closed to the public (RIP 5 Pointz). Curious? We've put the source link below, like we do.

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