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Microsoft's next big Windows Phone may use Kinect-like motion gestures


Yes, the Lumia 930 and 1520 are fine Windows Phones, but where's the sequel to the fan favorite, the 1020? Apparently, it's coming -- and it's bringing a clever control scheme along for the ride. Sources for both WPCentral and The Verge claim that Microsoft's future Lumia hardware, nicknamed McLaren, will incorporate both a giant camera and "3D Touch" that uses motion gestures (some of them Kinect-like) to control the phone without poking at the screen. We've seen some of the rumored concepts elsewhere; you can cover the phone to mute it, or bring it to your ear to answer. Others, however, are unique. McLaren will reportedly react to your grip, and will let you see features 'hidden' inside a Live Tile (such as messaging in the Facebook app) by making a tapping motion that doesn't touch the glass.

If WPCentral's leak is accurate, McLaren will show up in November alongside a few third-party apps that use 3D Touch. For many, though, the big news may simply be widespread availability. While Nokia previously shot itself in the foot by regularly agreeing to US' carriers demands for exclusives, that might not happen on Microsoft's watch. Both WPCentral and @evleaks hear that McLaren will be available on multiple American networks -- few people would have to switch providers just to get the Windows Phone du jour.

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