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    Nova Wireless Flash and app: TUAW Video Review


    While the flash on the iPhone 5s added a slightly variable color to make those flash photos look a bit more lifelike, there's still not a lot of control over exactly how bright and how "warm" the flash can be. That's why Sneaky Squid LLC ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now selling the Nova Wireless Flash (US$59.99). On today's TUAW Video Review, I'm taking a look at this credit card-sized handheld camera flash that you can use with your iPhone to create better photographs.


    Adjustability, portability, and being able to place the Nova Wireless Flash almost anywhere near your subject makes it a handy accessory for anyone who likes to take flash photographs with their iPhone. The app and flash work seamlessly together, with no Bluetooth connectivity issues and incredibly simple controls. The Nova Wireless Flash should be in the wallet or purse of everyone who enjoys iPhone photography.

    Rating: 4 stars out of 4 stars possible

    Four star out of four stars possible

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