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Twitter updates its app with one stop World Cup news hub


When the World Cup kicks off this week social media is going to explode with soccer related news stories, jokes, and profane ramblings from bummed out fans. Twitter knows how frustrating wading through the white noise can be, so the social media giant has released a new update for its iOS app aimed directly at World Cup fanatics.

When users sign up for a new Twitter account during the World Cup they will be presented with the option of picking their favorite team's logo or country's flag as their profile icon. Once you're inside the app searching the hashtag #WorldCup will bring up two options: Twitters normal unfiltered real time results for the tag or a special Twitter curated World Cup timeline.

Twitter's special curated feed is made up of teams, players, coaches, press, and fans watching the games. The feed is separated into three areas: Tweets, Photos, and Matches.

Tweets are simply a general collection of missives covering whats happening in the games that day while Photos will show you beautiful real time photography from the days games. Both of those feeds are nice, but the Matches option is what most people will find useful.

With Matches users are able to search for tweets related to specific matches. Want to know what the public is thinking about the Brazil-China match on Thursday at 4:00PM? Just click on the icon for that game to be whisked away into the conversation. This update has made Twitter one of the best sources for up to the minute World Cup news. If you're a soccer fanatic who can't get near a TV to watch the big games, this update is the next best thing.

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