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Doom gets a dark teaser as QuakeCon looms


Doom is entering the CG teaser phase of its modern resurrection. Bethesda and id Software intend to show the game off at their QuakeCon event in July, but have already put out a new trailer to convey the shooter's hellish mood. It's so dark, even Youtube wants to improve the lighting.

The grotesque cyberdemon glimpsed in close-up could be the least mysterious thing about the game, which started life in the media as "Doom 4" in 2008. Unverified rumors point to a troubled development until recently, when the game returned (or was restarted) - simply as Doom - alongside the announcement of an upcoming beta for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Entry to the beta is attached to another revamp of a classic shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

We'll put rumors aside, though, and see Doom's latest form – and perhaps hear the unsettling howl from a Baron of Hell – at QuakeCon, which takes place on July 17 - 20 at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas.

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