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Square Enix prepares to disappoint Final Fantasy fans with Final Fantasy VII G-Bike


Everyone wants a full Final Fantasy VII remake for modern consoles and/or PC, and everyone wants a true Final Fantasy VII port for iOS to follow the first six games that are already released on the platform. But rather than doing what everyone wants, Square Enix is giving one of the more obscure minigames in the Final Fantasy franchise its own game for iOS. It's called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, and it's probably not what you've been hoping for.

The game appears to be in the style of an endless runner, as you control the beloved Cloud Strife and his motorcycle down streets teeming with enemies. The app is based on the bike scenes in Final Fantasy VII, and to be fair the new app does look a great deal more playable than the original minigame was. Still, it's endlessly disappointing for Final Fantasy fans that are still waiting for Square Enix to show one of the most popular games in the series some real love.

Not much about the game's structure has been revealed, other than the fact that it will be free with in-app purchases. No release date has been announced.

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