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The Daily Grind: Does Landmark make you excited for EverQuest Next?


You won't catch me playing Landmark right now, although I am happy for those enjoying the building simulator that it currently is. I'm mostly holding out for the dev team to put in more MMO elements and to see what the community makes of all of it. Right now I'm not sure whether Landmark will be a full MMO in its own right or a not-so-sneaky testbed for the "real" game to come, EverQuest Next.

However, the tech behind Landmark does make me excited for EQN. The visuals are top-notch, as are the animations. I like what's being done with the destructable (and self-healing) world, and the structures that players have made have been often amazing. Carry this over to EQN and I might become SOE's biggest fan.

So does Landmark make you excited for EverQuest Next? Or have you already made your home in its wild frontier?

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