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Design your own class

As players in World of Warcraft, we spend a lot of time playing backseat developers as we comment on and criticize the choices WoW's devs have made. But today, let's jump into the front seat instead and talk about the classes we wish were added to the game. With no new class coming our way in Warlords, it's easy to grumble about a lack of new content, but what new class would you really like to see added to the game -- and what role would that class fill?

For my part, I'd love to see a battlemage type class, wielding both weapons and magic with some skill. Though perhaps this is too similar in concept to WoW's death knight it's something I inevitably try to do with paladins, playing them with a holy "shockadin" style spec. (It should be noted that this playstyle was somewhat less ridiculous before Cataclsym class changes... but it was still less than ideal. Not that it stopped me.) But tell me, fellow gamers: what's the class type you most want to see in WoW?

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