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World of Tanks' 9.1 update rolls out football mode and more


World of Tanks' 9.1 update will officially go live in North America on June 17th, states a press release issued today. Well, technically, it's already live in Europe, it's going live in Korea on the 12th, and Americans will see parts of the update on the 13th too, but by the 17th, you'll have it all.

The update includes a World Football Championship mode (seriously), which boasts brief 3v3 battles on a a version of Himmelsdorf "transformed into a football field"; two legendary Historical Battles (The Siege of Tobruk and Bryansk Front) and a new winter map (Kharkiv); and tweaks to "iconic" maps including Arctic Region, Tundra, Komarin, Windstorm, and Northwest.

The 9.1 video is tucked beyond the cut.

[Source: Press release]

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