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Around Azeroth: Glyph of rain of frogs


When I was a kid, I played on a softball team. They had to take everyone who came, and since I was pretty terrible at every form of athletics, they put me at catcher. I think I had literally one hit the entire season. Anyway, our home field was near a large pond, that contained the usual variety of Wisconsin pond creatures. One day they must have sensed a change in the weather, because right in the middle of the seventh inning, the frogs attacked. Tiny little frogs, appearing out of nowhere, blanketing the field. My friend Sara and I speculated that they were falling from the sky. Since we were little kids, we cried when we had to run the bases and squashed the tiny frogs. I think they eventually just called the game because of that, although they claimed it was because of an approaching thunderstorm. We lost something like 7-1 anyway. Why am I bringing this up? Oh, no reason. (Thanks to submitter Ruuzulu of Hallowed on Sargeras [US-A] for the screenshot!)

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