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Take a turn at watching Code Name: STEAM in action

One of Nintendo's left-field announcements during E3 was Code Name: STEAM, a third-person, turn-based strategy game focused on killing aliens in a steampunk take of London. Oh yeah, that group of alien vanquishers is also formed by Abraham Lincoln. It's an odd concept to grasp from only a screenshot or two, but the above abbreviated cut of Nintendo's revealing presentation gives us a better idea of how its battles play out.

Developed by Intelligent Systems, Code Name: STEAM has players conquering foes while minding a finite, steam-based fuel used for movement and attacks. Coins scattered across maps can be used at glowing, checkpoint-like pillars to replenish steam or health for units, but they can also be saved to purchase weaponry.

Near the end of the video, we can hear Joystiq's Richard Mitchell ask for the meaning of the STEAM acronym, which stands for "Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace." Given that Art Director Takako Sasaki mentions building a bug-like, Lovecraftian apperance into the alien race's design earlier in the presentation, we imagine quite a few players will be happy to rid the Earth of their presence.
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