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Mario Kart 8 takes a turn for McDonalds Happy Meals

If you're willing to eat McDonalds in exchange for gaming-themed desk accessories, a Mario Kart 8 pack will soon reach its Happy Meal finish line. The final turn makes for a pretty long drift through, so we'll need to wait for How To Train Your Dragon 2's toy set to finish up before we can start taping MK8 figurines in gravity-defying places at our workplaces.

The miniature roster will consist of Yoshi, Peach, DK, Toad, Mario, Bowser and the mild-mannered Luigi, but you can also channel Mario while weaving through commuter traffic by wearing a visor reminiscent of his iconic cap. Unfortunately, it probably won't help you drive on the walls of buildings on your way to work, but it'll almost certainly establish your status as the coolest adult stuck in a gridlock.
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