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Broken Age delivers a classic adventure to iPad owners


If your iPad is sorely lacking in classically-styled adventure games from the man who spent the 1990s defining what that term means, you'll be pleased to learn that Double Fine's Broken Age is now available on Apple's svelte tablet.

Like all adventure games that list Tim Schafer in the credits, Broken Age is an off-kilter adventure, full of humor that oscillates between obscenely clever and gleefully childish. Our four of five stars review slights the game for an overall lack of difficulty, but that only serves to move along an engrossing story, which only disappoints when it draws to a close.

Unfortunately, that conclusion comes quickly as the iPad currently hosts only Act 1 of Broken Age. Act 2 has yet to appear on any platform, but Double Fine claims that, once available, owners of Act 1 will be able to pick up the second part of the story as an in-app download. There's no price point established for Act 2, but Act 1 will set you back $10 in the iTunes App Store.
[Image: Double Fine Productions]

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