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Destiny's PlayStation players will receive exclusive co-op content and maps


When Bungie's Destiny launches on the PlayStation 3 and 4 in September, gamers on those consoles will be entitled to a bevy of "timed" exclusives that they can crow about to the likes of Xboxers (never mind PC gamers who might never see Destiny at all). The official PlayStation blog revealed the full list of bonuses coming first for PlayStation gamers earlier today; it includes:
  • a unique three-player co-op Strike located on Mars, in which you'll "track a Cabal extraction team through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper [...] buried in the shifting dunes of Mars and face a new enemy, the Psion Flayers";
  • the Exodus Blue exclusive competitive multiplayer map, a "mid-sized Crucible arena that pairs perfectly with Control and Skirmish game modes";
  • special armor for each of the three core classes;
  • an exotic assault rifle (The Monte Carlo) and exotic hand cannon (The Hawkmoon); and
  • three special ships known as the Aurora Wake, Crypt Hammer, and Outrageous Fortune.

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