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Internet Explorer test release lets you peek at the browser's long-term future


While Chrome and Firefox have had experimental browser releases for a while, you've usually had to wait for betas to try new Internet Explorer features. Starting today, however, you can be as impatient as you like: Microsoft has launched an Internet Explorer Developer Channel. So long as you're using Windows 7 or 8.1, you can try new web rendering, interfaces and other features well before they're part of finished products. In this first release, you can use any USB game controller (including the Xbox 360 pad) for web games that would benefit from console-quality input.

As with other super-early browsers, you'll likely have to live with some bugs and a general lack of polish. You won't have to toss out the regular Internet Explorer to use the developer build, though, so there's should always be a fallback if something goes wrong. As such, you have every incentive to jump in with both feet if you're the curious type -- hit the source link to get started.

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