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Joystiq Streams Special: Last licks in the Destiny PS4 alpha [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

What's that, Peter Dinklage? It's up to us and our band of young friends to get together and fight for what remains of Earth's once utopian civilization? We must wade into a sampling of early missions, to test and strain Bungie's years in the making online shooter which is also one of the most anticipated games of 2014? Don't ask us twice, Mr. Dinklage. We will always do precisely what you tell us to do, so beguiled are we by your deadpan delivery and humor so dry it could start a Californian brush fire. Of course, we don't really need an excuse to play Destiny. Still, we appreciate one all the same.

Seeing as Bungie and Activision have extended the Destiny alpha past its June 15th end date and Joystiq is back on schedule after E3, we figure it's time to dive into the grand battle of future Earth and see what's what. Join us at 4PM EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel and right here on for a taste of Bungie's post-Halo world.

Joystiq Streams regularly broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday from 4PM to 5PM EST on and here on

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