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Secret Ponchos now slapping iron on Steam Early Access


Strap on your six-shooters and sharpen your spurs: Secret Ponchos has officially made its Steam Early Access debut.

Officially described as a blend of fighting game character diversity and the more intuitive action of an arena shooter, Secret Ponchos pits a handful of Old West stereotypes against one another in a quest to see who is the baddest hombre this side of the Rio Grande. Sublimely-named developer Switchblade Monkeys is apparently feeling generous, as along with the game's Early Access arrival, the studio has served up a new trailer, as well as a 25 percent discount on the game itself. You'll find that trailer above, and as you can see from the game's Steam listing, those who purchase Secret Ponchos prior to June 20 will pay $11.24, instead of the game's normal $15 price.

Those of you with perfectly reasonable doubts about buying a game before it's actually complete, or who simply prefer to gun down hoople-headed varmints via home console can forego this Early Access offering for the game's imminent PlayStation 4 appearance. Originally slated for release in April, the game has been delayed, though we've yet to receive a new release date.
[Image: Switchblade Monkeys]

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